News 2012


 23/9-2012 Best male and Best of Breed with CAC: Lamonia's Nicodemus, judge: Tina Taulos


4/8-2012 Show in Svenstavik
Lamonia's Nicodemus winner of youthclass with CC, BM-1 with CAC and BOS. Thanks to judge Kenneth Ed

7/7-2012 Show in Tvååker
MultiCh Lamonia's Elliot won championclass with CC and became BOB.
Judge this day was Britta Roos Börjesson

08/03-12 Some new pictures of our Germany Girl Whilma

30/01-12 We're welcoming Whilma from Nightfire's Kennel to our home.

News 2011

14/12-11 Stockholm - Lamonia's Elliot became BM-3 with CC at the "Big stockholm" dogshow for judge Pat Munn.

10/11-11 A completly new website!
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3/9-11 Tyresö - Lamonia's Nicodemus became BOS for judge Vesa Toivanen

6/8-11 Svenstavik - Multi CH Lamonia's Elliot became BOB

15/7-11 Tvååker - MultiCH WW-10 Lamonia's Elliot became BOS

18/6-11 Avesta - Lamonia's Jolly Bob became BM-3 and took his third CAC and became SE UCH for judge Linda Kjeksrud!

9/1-11 Finland - CH Lamonia's Jingle Bell took CAC and became BOB in Finland so she is now both swedish and finnish champion!

Nyheter 2010

12/12-2010 Denmark - SE UCH NO UCH Lamonia's Indigo took CAC in Herning and got a new titel, NORDUCH! Big congrats to his owner!

10/10-10 Sundsvall - CH Lamonia's Goliat won BM-1, CACIB and BOB, Lamonia's Jambalaja won BF-1, CAC, CACIB and BOS.
CH Lamonia's Elliot went BM-3, CH Lamonia's Indigo went BM-5 and CH Lamonia's Jingle Bell went BF-3.
Lamonia's Kennel won both progenyclass and breedinggrup with honorprize for judge Espen Engh from Norway.

9/10-10 Sundsvall - MultiCH Lamonia's Elliot won CH-class and went BM-1, BOB and BIS-1 !!
CH Lamonia's Jingle Bell also won CH-class and went BF-1 and BOS.
CH Lamonia's Indigo went BM-2.
Lamonia's Kennel won BIS-1 progenyclass and BIS-1 breedinggrup for judge Eva Borg Liljekvist from sweden

29/8-10 Tyresö - Multich Lamonia's Elliot became BOB at papillon-ringens speciality, Lamonia's Hokus-Pokus went BM-2 with CC and CH Lamonia's Sirikit get CC in veteranclass.
Lamonia's went Best breedinggrup with honoryprize for judge Philip Shirley -UK

14/8-10 Oslo - SE UCH Lamonia's Indigo became NO UCH today, congrats to owner Anne Weiefors!

10/7-10 Gällivare - Lamonia's Jingle bell went BF-1, BOS and she got her third and last CAC for judge Norman Deschuymere.
She can now ad Swedish champion to her name, this was her first show after her 2 years birthday! Congrats to owner Michaela Larsson!

15/5-10 Piteå - Lamonia's Jolly Bob got CAC and became BOB and BIS1 -youthdog for judge Tina Taulos.
Thanks to Michaela who showed him so well this day!

29/7-10 Danmark - Multich Lamonia's Elliot became BOB and WORLDWINNER - 2010 for judge Kitty Sjong !!!

Elliot is home from Germany with this titels add to his name:

*Groupwins in Germany, Austria and Slovakia
* multi Groupplacements
* BISS in Austria and Germany
* International Champion
*German Champion
*VDH Champion
*Austrian Champion
*Slovakian Champion
*Luxembourg Champion

We want to say BIG thanks to Yvonne Weber who has been his handler during this trip!

News 2009

12/12-09 Hund 2009 Blev MultiCH Lamonia's Elliot BIR och BIG-3 på SKK's utställning för domaren Kim Bay.

14/6-09 Vännäs - Lamonia's Jolly Bob fick sitt första CERT och BIM, kullsystern Lamonia's Jingle Bell fick CERT och blev BIR på samma utställning för domaren Kerstin Nilsson.

5/4-09 Österrike - CH Lamonia's Elliot blev BIR, BIG-1 och INTUCH för domaren Mr Rotner

News 2008

Elliot blev Sveriges vinstrikaste papillonhane i Sverige och därmed 1:a på papillonringens 10 i topp lista med 281p